Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Coat of Imam Ali (a.s.)

Once Imam Ali (a.s.) saw his coat of mail in the possession of a Christian. He took him in the court of a judge named Shurayh so that he might give a decision regarding its ownership. When both of them appeared before the judge Ali (a.s.) said: "This coat of mail is mine. I have neither sold nor gifted it to anyone". The judge asked the other person:
"What have you to say about the claim made by the Commander of the Faithful?" The Christian said: "This
coat of mail is mine. In spite of this, however, I do not consider the Commander of the Faithful to be a liar".
Then the judge Shurayh turned to Ali (a.s.) and said: "Can you produce any witness who should depose that this coat of mail is yours?" Ali (a.s.) smiled and said: "Shurayh is right.I cannot produce any such witness".
The judge gave a judgment in favour of the Christian who took the coat of mail and departed. The Commander of the Faithful kept looking at him from behind. After having gone a few steps, however, he returned and said:
"I testify that such an order resembles the order of the prophets, because one who is the Commander of the
Faithful has appeared along with a person like myself in the court of the judge who is also his subordinate and the judge has given a judgement against him". (Voice of Human Justice, George Jordac)