Monday, March 25, 2013

The Poem of Farazdaq

Once, during Hajj time, when Hisham son of 'Abdul Malik was circumambulating the Ka’aba amidst a huge crowd, he tried many times to kiss al-hajar al-'aswad. However, due to the enormous crowd, Hisham did not get a chance and helplessly sat at one corner and glared at the people.
Suddenly he saw a thin, good-looking, divinely-bright personality gradually advancing towards al-hajar al-'aswad. The people respected him and involuntarily moved back so that he could easily reach al-hajar al-'aswad. The people of Syria who were around Ibn 'Abdul Malik asked him: Who is this man ? Hisham, even though he knew that personality very well refrained from introducing Imam and instead lied and said: I don’t know him.

At this moment, a poet by the name of Farazdaq who enjoyed special freedom and liberty un-hesitantly recited some poems and in this way, introduced Imam al-Sajjad ('a) very nicely. Some of the verses of his poem are as follows:

“He is someone who, the soil of Bat-haa is aware of his footprints and Ka'ba, the House and its exterior are well-acquainted with him;
He is the son of the best servants of Allah; He is pious, pure, holy and well-known.
If you are unaware of him, he is the son of Fatima, (daughter of the Holy Prophet (s) ).
Soon, when he will touch al-Hajar-ul-Aswad, it will not release his well-recognized hand.” [7]

The poem of al-Farazdaq had such far-reaching effect that Hisham became wild and angry and immediately ordered for his arrest. When Imam ('a) became aware of this matter, he consoled al-Farazdaq very much.