Saturday, March 21, 2009

Imam Musa al-Kadhim (a.s.) & Mansur

One Nawroz day, Mansur Dawaaniqi, the Abbasid Caliph who took over the caliphate after his brother Abu al-A’bbas Saffaah, ordered Imam Musa Kadhim (a.s.) to present himself in the gathering of the Eid of Nawroz. This was so that the people could come and greet him and offer their gifts to him, which he should accept.
The Imam (a.s.) told Mansur, “Nawroz is the customary Eid of the Iranians and nothing has been said about it in Islam.”
To which Mansur replied, “This act is politically motivated and is intended to keep my soldiers happy. I place you under the oath of the Great God that you accept my request and present yourself at that gathering.”
The Imam (a.s.) agreed and arrived at the assembly. The army generals, nobles and the common masses arrived in his august presence, greeted him, and presented their gifts to him.
In the meantime, Mansur had ordered one of his slaves to position himself near the Imam (a.s.) and maintain a record of the money and gifts presented to him. The last person who had come to meet the Imam (a.s.) was an old man, who said to him:
“O’ Son of the Messenger of Allah! I am an impoverished person and lack the money to present you with gifts, but my gift for you today are three verses of elegy, which my grandfather had composed for your grandfather, Husain Ibn A'li(a.s.).”
Having said this, he then recited the verses.
The Imam (a.s.) responded appreciatively, saying, “I have accepted your gift,” after which he prayed for the man.
Then, turning to the slave, he instructed, “Go to Mansur, inform him of these gifts and ask him what has to be done about them?”
The slave did as he was told and upon returning, said to the Imam (a.s.):
“The Caliph has said: I have given them to you (Imam Musa Kadhim) as gifts. Spend them as you desire.”
The Imam (a.s.) told the old man, “Take these riches and gifts, for I am giving them all to you as gifts.”

Friday, March 20, 2009


His name was Azazeel. He is also known as Iblees. He used to pray a lot and even used to give lectures to the angels. One day there was a notice in the heavens which said that someone was going to be ordered out of the heavens. All the angels were very worried because they thought it might be one of them. They went to Jibrael who was one of the most important angels to ask him whether he could do anything. Jibrael said he too was worried because it might be himself. Jibrael suggested that they go to Azazeel because he was very clever. Azazeel told them not to worry at all for the would pray to Allah for all of them. He forgot himself thinking he was the best and it could never be him. He had kibr (pride). Allah made the first human being - Prophet Adam (as). He asked all the angels including Azazeel to do sajdah to Prophet Adam (as). Iblees disobeyed Allah and refused to do sajdah saying that he was better than Prophet Adam (as) and so he would not do sajdah."I am made out of fire and he is made out of earth!" he told Allah. You see, he was only looking at the outside and not the inside and more important, he disobeyed Allah. He was ordered out of heaven.

(thanks Ehtesham)