Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Man of Intellect

Muhammad ibn Yahya, from Ahmad ibn Muhammad, from (al-Hasan) ibn Mahbub, from `Abd Allah ibn Sinan [6], who said:
I mentioned to Abu `Abd Allah (al-'Imam al-Sadiq) (A) about a man afflicted with (doubts about) wudu' (ritual ablutions) and salat; remarking that he was a man of intellect (`aqil)- Abu `Abd Allah (A) said: `What kind of intellect has he 'when he obeys Satan! ' I said: `How does he obey Satan?' He said: `Ask him about its cause and he will tell you that it is the work of Satan.' 

Ibne Sina, the genius
A group of our companions, from Ahmad ibn Muhammad, from al-Haytham ibn Abi Masruq al-Nahdi [7]; from al-Husayn ibn Khalid [8], from Ishaq ibn `Ammar [9], who said:
I asked Abu `Abd Allah (A): `How is it that certain people understand everything on being told a little (about some matter) and some people are such that they hear the whole thing and respond to it; but there are some others who on being told (about a matter) ask one to repeat it again?' 
The Imam (A) said: `O Ishaq, do you know why that is so? The man who understands the whole (matter) on hearing a little is one whose intellect was kneaded with his (substance) at the spermatic stage. 
The one who hears the whole thing and responds in accordance with what you had told him, is one whose intellect developed in his mother's womb. 
And the man who requests you to repeat is one whose intellect developed after he grew up.'

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Muhammad b. Yahya reports from Ahmad b. Muhammad from al-Hasan b. Mahbub from Salih b. Sahl from Abi 'Abd Allah (the 6th Imam) (as)-
That a group of Quraysh said to the Messenger of Allah (sa)
"Through what merit do you precede the prophets while you were sent as the last of them and as their seal?"
So he said-
"I was the foremost in bringing faith in my Lord and the first to respond as Allah extracted the testimony of the prophets and [as he] made them witnesses upon their souls, saying 'am I not your Lord?' I was the first prophet to say yes [o Lord]. Thus I  preceded them all in giving testimony to Allah"