Friday, February 1, 2008

What is Anger of God

The scholars report that 'Amr b. Ubayd came to visit Muhammad b.Ali b. al-Husayn, peace be on them, to test him with questions. He
said: "May I be your ransom, what is the meaning of the words of Him, the Exalted:

Do not those who disbelieve realise that the heavens and the earth were ratq and we made them fitq? [XXI 30] What is this
ratq and this fitq?"

"The heaven was ratq (means) that no rain came down from it," answered Abu Jafar, peace be on him, "and the earth was ratq
(means) that no plants came out of it."

Amr stopped. He could not find any opposition. He went away but then came back.

"May I be your ransom," he said, "tell me of the words of Him, the Mighty and High: On whomsoever My anger alights, he falls (to
disaster) [XX 82]. What is the anger of God, the Mighty and High?"

"The anger of God, Amr, is His punishment," replied Abu Jafar, peace be on him. "Whoever thinks that anything changes
God, is an unbeliever."{Kitab al Irshad (The Book of Guidance) By Sheikh al Mufeed}