Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Coat of Imam Ali (a.s.)

Once Imam Ali (a.s.) saw his coat of mail in the possession of a Christian. He took him in the court of a judge named Shurayh so that he might give a decision regarding its ownership. When both of them appeared before the judge Ali (a.s.) said: "This coat of mail is mine. I have neither sold nor gifted it to anyone". The judge asked the other person:
"What have you to say about the claim made by the Commander of the Faithful?" The Christian said: "This
coat of mail is mine. In spite of this, however, I do not consider the Commander of the Faithful to be a liar".
Then the judge Shurayh turned to Ali (a.s.) and said: "Can you produce any witness who should depose that this coat of mail is yours?" Ali (a.s.) smiled and said: "Shurayh is right.I cannot produce any such witness".
The judge gave a judgment in favour of the Christian who took the coat of mail and departed. The Commander of the Faithful kept looking at him from behind. After having gone a few steps, however, he returned and said:
"I testify that such an order resembles the order of the prophets, because one who is the Commander of the
Faithful has appeared along with a person like myself in the court of the judge who is also his subordinate and the judge has given a judgement against him". (Voice of Human Justice, George Jordac)


IslamicBlogTeam said...

Could u plse write down (r.a.) after Hazrat Ali not a.s.He is a sahaba of prophet (saw).not a nabi or rasul.

True Islamic Stories said...

Can u please clarify that why after the name of Hadhrat Ali a.s. should not be written and why this objection?

SereneWorld said...

He is not a "sahaba", he is the Son-in-Law and Successor. Why would the Holy Prophet let any random "sahaba" marry the Leader of the Women of the Worlds, his own daughter Lady Fatemah? Deducing from simple logic, he must have a higher status than a random "sahaba". He is the dearest, closest, beloved, adored Son in Law of the Prophet.

Anonymous said...

Imam Ali a.s is not amoung shabah, he is amoung the ahl e bait e Rasool s.a.w.a.w. and Ahl e bait e rasool is even more sacrt thn the previous prophets because Holy Prophet was the King of all other prophets and they are amoung the ummah of Holy Prophet.

Huzrat Ali a.s is Also the second to the prophet in this world as Prophet s.a.w.a.w said that Ali You are like Haroon to Mosa for me, and Haron was second to mosa.

Ali a.s is the official successor of holy prophet made by Allah in Gadeer e khum, while others are the man made, just like the idols which people call as a god.

ALi a.s is a lion of Allah, the hand of ALlah, the sword of Allah, the eye of Allah, the Tounge of Allah. And he is that person who who perchase the Allahs raza while sleeping on the Bed of Holy propet during migration night. And now he is the owner of the Allahs raza. and from whom he is happy Allah is happy.
it is un objectionable thing to say him a.s. becuase he is much higher then the level of r.a

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