Saturday, August 11, 2012

Abuzar: The Great Companion of the Prophet (s.a.)

The aged and great companion of the prophet died of hunger. He and the members of his family lived in extremely hard conditions and had to suffer unprecedented miseries. Their children also passed away due to lack of food.
It has been narrated that after the death of their children AbuZar and his wife grew very weak on account of hunger. One day AbuZar said to his wife: "Let us go upto that mound. It is possible that we may find some wild fruits there". They went upto the mound. Inclement winds were blowing and they could not find anything to eat. AbuZar began to faint. Although very cold wind was blowing but AbuZar was perspiring and wiped his sweat again and again. When his wife looked at him she realized that he was going to die. She began to weep. AbuZar asked her why she was weeping. She replied: "Why should I not weep? You are breathing your last on this barren land, and I don't have even a piece of cloth which maybe used as a shroud for you and me". Her words grieved AbuZar very very much. He said to her: "Go and stand by the side of the road. It is possible that you may meet a believer who may be passing that way". She replied: "Who will pass this way now? The caravan of the pilgrims has already passed and the road is deserted".
AbuZar recalled the words which the prophet had uttered about him. He said to his wife: "Go and see carefully. If you find someone coming you will be relieved of your worry. And if you don't find anyone you should cover my dead body and place it by the side of the road.
As and when you chance to meet the first rider tell him:"AbuZar the companion of the prophet has died. Now assist in bathing and shrouding him".
AbuZar's wife ascended the mound time and again but could not find any human being. After some time, however, she saw some riders at a distance and beckoned them by moving her cloth. They came up to her and said:
"O bondwoman of God! What is the matter?" She replied: "Here is a Muslim who is dying;please arrange for his bathing, shrouding and burial. God will recompense you fo this". They asked: "Who is the man?" She replied:
"His name is AbuZar Ghifari".
The men could not believe that such a distinguished companion of the prophet could die in the desert. They, therefore, asked her: "Who is this AbuZar? Is he the companion of the prophet?" She said "Yes". They said:"May our parents be his ransom! God has granted us a great honour". They then hurried to the place where AbuZar was lying. AbuZar was feeling the pangs of death.
He fixed his eyes on their faces for some time trying to recognise their faces, and then said: "By God I have not told a lie. By God if I had sufficient cloth for my and my wife's shroud I would certainly have been shrouded in that cloth. I ask you in the name of God that if anyone of you has been a ruler or a government employee or a messenger or a chief at any time he should not shroud me".
Those present were bewildered to hear these words because almost all of them had held these offices at one time or another. Suddenly a young man from amongst the Ansar stepped forward and said: "O uncle! I shall shroud you with this mantle which I had purchased with the money that I had earned through hard work. I will shroud you with this cloth whose thread was spun by my mother so that I might use it as Ehram (pilgrims garb)".
He said to the young man: "Shroud me with these pieces of cloth, for they are pure". Now he was happy and satisfied. Then he cast a glance at them again and passed away peacefully. Then the dark and thick clouds covered the sky. Strong and severe winds began to blow and the desert sand sprang up and darkened the atmosphere. It might be said that the desert of Rabazah got converted into a roaring ocean.
(Excerpt from The Voice of Human Justice)


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