Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I Cannot Pray for Them

Imam Mohammed Baqir (a.s.) narrates:
There was an old man from Bani Israel, who had two daughters. One of them was married to a farmer, while the other to a pottery-maker.  Once he decided to pay them a visit. 

He first visited the daughter who was the wife of the farmer and reaching her house, he inquired about her health.  
The daughter said: “Dear father, my husband has cultivated a large area of land and if it were to rain, we would be the most prosperous of the entire Bani Israel.”

Then, proceeding towards the house of the other daughter, whose husband was a potter, he inquired about her health.
The daughter said,  “Dear father, my husband has moulded pots in great quantity and if God were to withhold the rains till his pots dry up, we would be better off than the entire Bani Israel.”

As he departed from the house of his second daughter, he prayed:

“O’ God!  Act as You deem fit for, in this situation, I cannot pray for either of them.”

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