Thursday, December 29, 2011

Hidden Agenda of Mu'awiya

Mutraf bin Mughira bin Sho`ba says:
"I accompanied my father Mughira to see Mu`awiya. My father visited him every day and praised him very much on his return. 
When he came back one night he was very sad and he did not even take his dinner. On my having enquired about the reason for his sadness he said: 
My son!Tonight I have come after meeting the most evil person.
On my having enquired as to who he was he said: 
"I told Mu`awiya in seclusion: You have achieved all your desires. It will now be in the fitness of things if you behave with the people kindly. You have grown old now. You should behave well with Bani Hashim who are your kith and kin.
There is no reason for you to be afraid of them now!
Mu`awiya replied: `Never! Never! The man belonging to the Family of Taym (Abu Bakr) became caliph. When he died he was no longer talked about. Now he is called only `Abu Bakr' by the people. 
After him Umar became caliph and ruled promptly for ten years. With his death he also ceased to be talked about and people now call him `Umar'.
Then our brother Uthman became the caliph. He belonged to the noblest family. He ruled justly but when he died he too ceased to be talked about. 
However, the name of the son of Bani Hashim (i.e. Muhammad) is announced five times during the day and night (i.e. everyone says: I acknowledge that Muhammad is the prophet of God). Now what else can be done with his name except that I should destroy it Completely''. 
(Murujuz Zahab, vol. 2, page 241).(Voice of Human Justice Pg.230)

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