Thursday, September 29, 2011

The True Generous and Master

Abdul-A'la reported: Abu-Abdillah(A.S.) asked me whether I had been associating with the people of Medina. I told that once I was sitting among people of Medina when they were talking about openhandedness.
A man, named Abu-Dukein, spoke, "It is surely Ja'far except that he is like this." He then closed his hand. As he listened to this story, the Imam(A.S.) commented: "Woe to Abu-Dukein! His like is the feather; the wind flights it whenever it blows." After a pause, he(A.S.) added:
The Holy Prophet(S.A.W.) said: "Any favor is charity. The best alms is that which does not influence one's expenditure of his family members. Begin, when you give alms, with those whose provisions are obligatory upon you. The hand or the giver is better than the hand of the receiver. Allah does not censure for the minimum sustenance." Do you think that Allah is ungenerous or there is something more generous than Him?
The true generous and master is that who carries out Allah's rights correctly. He who gains money illegally and spends it unrightfully is not generous. Most surely, I desire for meeting Allah without taking anything that is illicit for me. I have fulfilled the rights in my fortune.

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