Saturday, October 20, 2007

Was the heart of your brother with us?

The first war during the statesmanship of Hazrat Ali (a.s.) was battle of Jamal (camel). His army became victorious.
One of his followers who was present in this battle said: "I would have loved if my brother was also among the warriors and would have witnessed that how Allah made you victorious upon the enemy, he would also have been very happy & joyous and would have received the reward for his participation."
Imam Ali (a.s.) asked: "Was the heart and thoughts of your brother with us?"
He said: "Yes."
Imam (a.s.) replied: "For this reason he was also virtually present with us in this battle."
He (a.s.) continued: "Not only he, but, all those who are in the spine of their fathers and womb of their mothers are in the battle along with us if their thoughts and beliefs are similar to ours. They are wholly with us who have arrived in this world. Through them the belief and Religion gets strengthened."
(Beharul Anwaar)

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